Maximum loan amounts for people

The mortgage guarantee (right over real estate) is exclusive to mortgage loans where the object of the loan is the home payday loan virginia beach. Personal cash loans require minimum employment seniority and declared net monthly income according to the amount of the financing.

The maximum amount of credits for retirees is $ 200,000 to be paid in up to 60 installments, at a fixed rate. Requires life insurance on the debit balance. People up to 84 years of age can access. The fee cannot exceed 50% of the applicant’s income.

Banco Macro has a personal credit line available to customers and non-customers (open market) that offers you amounts of up to $ 750,000 to be paid in up to 72 fixed-rate installments. For new customer access, monthly income is required from $ 10,000.

Retiree loans grant amounts of up to $ 150,000 to be repaid in up to 60 fixed monthly installments. It requires a life insurance of 0.15% on the debit balance. An amount of $ 50,000 over a 2-year term implies a monthly fee of $ 4255.01, which represents a total cost of 59.4%.

As a worker in a dependency relationship, you can take out a loan with Banco Macro. In this case, in a simple way, you should only receive a minimum income of $ 14.

Car Insurance for New Drivers | How to get a low quote price

Being a young or new driver can often mean high costs; after the exorbitant price of learning to drive, you’re then faced with an extortionate price for Car insurance. That’s even if you can manage to afford to purchase a car! Often with the state of public transport in many areas of the country where a 30-minute drive can take three times as long in rush hour traffic, it’s no wonder there is a dire need for car ownership, which is why many new drivers suck up the cost. If you have to get a car then surely there’s a way you can get a decent price for your insurance?

Black Box Insurance Could Help You

Young drivers often struggle to find insurance cover at a reasonable price, which is exactly why Black Box insurance was created. The idea is that by having a black box or telematics device installed in your car, the insurance company you get cover with will be able to see how you drive and therefore if you start driving like a complete idiot they’ll be able to withdraw cover before you cause an accident and leave them with a hefty bill. Therefore, by having a black box installed in your car as part of a personal Young Driver insurance policy, you’ll be able to prove you are a good driver and as a result will be rewarded with lower premiums.

Aren’t There Restrictions on Black Box Insurance?

Some black box policies can be seen as quite restrictive, any many young drivers who are able to finance their personal Young Driver insurance without a black box may choose to do so. Of course, not every young driver can finance a £4,000 personal Car insurance policy, but those who do finance such a high cost insurance policy are usually under the impression that black boxes restrict your personal freedom. However, that’s not true for the majority of Young Driver insurance policies out there. Whilst some Young Driver insurance policies do constrict your personal freedom with curfews and other restrictions, most don’t.

Doesn’t a Black Box Spy on Me?

Just like the misconception that a black box will restrict your personal freedom, there’s also another myth that the black box is spying on you. Whichever insurer you choose, there won’t be people tracking your every movement live on a screen; it just doesn’t work like that. Even if it did it would cost millions to finance such a farfetched scheme, just to invade the personal freedom of a 17-year-old. Whilst Young Driver insurance companies do collect a lot of data about how you drive, they only do this to see how you drive and not to invade your personal freedom.

What Does a Black Box actually look at?

While each telematics device and Young Driver insurance policy is different, most will record the same data. Primarily they will record how you drive, including the speed you are travelling at, how quickly you accelerate, the smoothness of your braking and the smoothness of your cornering. However, to successfully record how you speed they will also need to know the location of your car to properly determine the speed limit you should be driving at. That location data will also be used to see where you park your car and, though this may seem like invasion of your personal life, it is typically only used to see where the car is stored overnight.


Whilst a black box may seem like a restriction of your personal freedom, many aren’t purposely designed that way. In fact, most Young Driver insurance policies are designed with a view to helping careful young drivers save money on their personal Car insurance policy. Of course, if you can finance a personal Car insurance policy without a black box then you may choose to do so, but surely the money you save could be put to better use such as a nicer car, so why waste money? Get a black box Young Driver policy!